AS206292 is an IPv6-only educational network. We currently announce:

Our thanks go to Netwerkvereniging ColoClue (PI resource sponsor) and netShelter.

We're planning to announce 2a0c:9a40:8a10::/44. This might be announced in more-specifics (up until /48).

Peering Policy

AS206292 is open to peering at any location we have a physical or virtual presence. Our PeeringDB record contains the most up to date information regarding those locations (if they are also on PeeringDB), prefix limits, traffic levels, etc.

Peering Locations

We currently peer at:

At the moment, provisioning is done manually. Please drop a line at if you wish to peer at any of the above locations.

Peering Locations (planned)

We plan to setup peering possibilities at the following exchanges:

BGP Communities


Transit parties

Our main transit provider is currently AS41047. Our other transits, AS8283 and AS34927 still have to be set up from our side.


We are reachable through e-mail:, or on various IRC networks (IRCnet,, OFTC, ...) using the handle mrngm. Find us on the Networking: IPv6 Discord instance using the handle mrngm


Our planned physical presence will use a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro 8, running the octeon port of OpenBSD.

In other cases, we use BIRD2.